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The MDA has started Institutional Delivery with effect from 2nd October 2007 from Ghasera Village which was inaugurated by Hon`ble Chief Minister, Haryana.  A provision of Rs. 30.00 lacs was kept during 2009-10 to promote Institutional Delivery system in Mewat area. 3275 Institutional Deliveries have been taken up during the year 2009-10. The scheme is being implemented by Health Department, Mewat. MDA provided 09 Delivery Vans and 20 Drivers for carrying women under Institutional Delivery Program. MDA helped in Nursing Training Program at General Hospital Mandikhera. 

Agriculture Development

Agriculture is the main source of income of Mewat area which is mainly rainfed. Emphasis given to the diversification in agriculture. A provision of Rs. 115.85 lacs was kept under agriculture component in its Annual Work Plan & Budget 2009-10 for agriculture and soil conservation activities. The scheme is being implemented through agriculture department, Mewat. Field demonstration adopting new technology Kharif and Rabi, Til and Arhar (185 acres), Integrated Nutrient Management (1000 acres wheat crops, 200 acres paddy crops), Weed Management (1000 acres wheat crops), Termite Control (1000 acres Wheat Crops), Seminar/Training of Farmers at Block level in Kharif and Rabi (232 Farmers), Exposure visit (within the State) in Kharif and Rabi (1 No.), Vermi Compost Unit (80 units), Underground pipeline (106 units) during the year 2009-10.

Soil Conservation and Water Harvesting Works

The Water Management Program, the key component of Integrated Sustainable Village Development being implemented by MDA with the collaboration of S.M. Sehgal Foundation addresses to the problem of water availability and quality which is widespread in Mewat. The Integrated Water Management Program focuses on collection, conservation, purification and waste water disposal and is based on the bottom up approach. During the year 2008-09, 2009-10, the S.M. Sehgal Foundation has constructed Check Dams and Village Ponds at Rangala Rajpur, Kotla, Bhond, Baroji, Sathawari, Jalalpur and Ghagas villages. The construction of two Bunds at village Patkhori Block F.P. Jhirka is in progress.

Rangala Rajpur

03 Water Reservoir at Village Rangala.

Capacity--Ist Pond--30x20x2 Mtr.

Capacity--2nd Pond-60x75x2 Mtr.

Capacity--3rd Pond-100x150x2.5 Mtr.

Total Capacity of Water--50,000 Kilo Litres.

Total irrigated area-- 300 acres.

Rangala Rajpur
Four Check Dams at village Rangala Rajpur constructed with a storage capacity of 3 lacs million gallon water at a cost of Rs. 20.00 lacs.
Check Dam at village Bhond constructed with a catchement area of 6 Km. and a storage capacity of 53500 kilo litres and at a cost of Rs. 8.00 lacs.
The Baroji Lake is being desalted and reservoir capacity is being increased which will make water palatable in the whole area at a cost of Rs. 4.00 lacs. The storage capacity is 19200 kilo litres.
Two Dams have been constructed at Village Sathwari in Aravali Hills at a cost of Rs. 4.50 lacs with a storage capacity of 19000 kilo litres.
Jalalpur and Ghagas
The Village Ponds of Jalalpur and Ghagas are being made Model Ponds for multipurpose use of the villagers with plantation all round the pond at a cost of Rs. 4.00 lacs.
Check Dams at village Kotla constructed with a storage capacity of 32235 kilo litres and at a cost of Rs. 6.00 lacs.
Horticulture Development

A provision of Rs. 150.06 lacs was kept under horticulture in its Annual Work Plan & Budget 2009-10 for horticulture activities and development of nurseries. The scheme is being implemented through horticulture department, Mewat. The following activities have been taken up under Horticulture during 2009-10, supplied seeds of vegetable-brinjal, bhindi, tomato, carrot, muskmelon, watermelon, cucumber, bottle gourd, kharif onion (1120 acres), spice development (65 acres), 50 plastic tanks (capacity 3000 ltrs.) for drip irrigation, 10500 plastic crates  @ Rs. 250/- per unit 80% assistance by MDA and development of nurseries at village Kanwarsika, Baroji and Khanpur Ghati.

Development of Nurseries (Farmers Training Centre)

During July, 2008, Kanwarsika Panchayat has provided one hectare of land to MDA for development of vegetable, fruits, flowers, ornamental plants, nursery and also to organize demonstration on its production techniques including forage cultivation. Accordingly, MDA built up a green house measuring 120 Sqm. Also a hatched roof shed having three storeyed bamboo supported floor for the training in mushroom cultivation has been erected wholly has given very good result and tremendous output in shape of providing good quality of mushroom.

The main objective of MDA to develop nursery is

To train the unemployed, unskilled labour at doorstep near their villages for employment in farming of Jamidars.

To educate the farmers about the latest method of agriculture/horticulture resulting in increase of their income level. .

To impart special training to farmers in seedling of vegetables, budding, grafting for fruit plants, flowers and water management with low presser drip irrigation system.

To make the panchayat self sufficient by generating income through panchayat land.

To improve the landscape and environment of the area.

To build up a stock of plants and to provide seedling of vegetables, fruit plants and kitchen garden seeds kit at subsidized rates.

In view of the above objectives, the MDA has already developed two nurseries at Village Kanwarsika and Baroji. The development of nursery at village Khanpur Ghati is in progress.

Animal Husbandry & Dairy Development

Animal husbandry is the second source of income of Mewat area. A provision of Rs. 29.98 lacs was kept under animal husbandry and dairy development during 2009-10 in its Annual Work Plan & Budget. The scheme is being implemented through Animal Husbandry Department, Mewat.

The MDA released an amount of Rs. 75.00 lacs to Animal Husbandry Department, Mewat for purchase of buffalows/cows to Scheduled Castes families on 50% subsidy. MDA has also released an amount of Rs. 12.00 lacs to Animal Husbandry Department, Mewat for distribution of goat unit (subsidy) @ Rs. 14,250/- per unit and for insurance @ 5.5%. 

Backyard Poultry Scheme

To enhance the income of backward and poor families of Mewat area, the Agency has distributed 40000 chicks to the 2000 poor families and SHG Members to promote the poultry farming under animal husbandry component during 2008-09. 60 youths of Mewat has trained through a reputed Firm namely PATs Sohna. These 60 youths has been provided 100 chicks for promotion of poultry farming in Mewat area during 2009-10. 

Bulk Milk Cooler (BMC)

Mother Dairy/National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) has initiated a comprehensive Diary Development Programme under NGC Programme from January, 2008 in Mewat area. It is envisaged that through this programme they would organize milk producers to take up their milk business through Mother Dairy/NDDB to get rid off milk middle man, who are exploiting the farmers by paying only Rs. 12-13/-per ltr. in comparison of Mother Dairy who are paying Rs. 19-27/per ltr. Once this programme is successfully executed, it will help the milk producers to get free from exploitation of milk middle men as milk producers will be getting better option in terms of reasonable milk price and other facilities.

Secondly Mother Dairy is paying special milk price (double axis system) for Cow milk whereas middle men do not take Cow milk or pay very less say Rs. 9-10/per ltr., hence milk producers have lost the interest in producing Cow milk. However, in view of profitability Cow milk sale is more profitable than Buffalo milk reasons being Cow gives more milk and have peak milk production during Summer month when Buffalo milk production remains at minimum level. Therefore, milk producers will take up Cow farming with interest, resulting there will be hike in overall milk production in the area.

So far NDDB has established 26 nos. BMCs (Bulk Milk Coolers) and 15 Nos. AMCs (Automatic Milk Collection Unit) in Mewat area. They have been collecting on an average 8500-9000 liters of milk per day from about 1300-1400 milk producers on Govt. rates. Farmers are getting handsom price of their milk i.e. Rs. 19/- to 27/- per litre for buffalo milk and Rs. 16/- to 20/- per litre for cow milk depending upon quality.

Apart from reasonable milk rates, they are providing other facilities too at farmers door steps viz. good quality balance cattle feed, feed supplements (Mineral Mixtures), dewormer and heat inducing medicines etc. at cheaper rates through commission agents belonging to the same village, almost all the villages are covered under this unique animal health coverage programme.

In view of tough competition from milk middle men in Mewat area, MDA had constituted a team of young persons to supplement the dairy development activities alongwith NDDB during 2009-10. The team of dairy development consisting 6 nos. Dairy Supervisors, 9 nos. of Community Resource Persons headed by a team leader. There is a break through in success of the programme as there are local staff in team and they are able to pass on healthy and encouraging message clearly to milk producers.

Community & Women Development

During the period of Mewat Area Development Project (MADP-IFAD), the MDA has started a special program of empowerment of women through constituting Self Help Group. MDA is working regularly for Women Empowerment and formed 3570 Self Help Groups comprising of 45739.  These Self Help Groups have contributed Rs. 14.28 crores as saving upto 31-12-2010. An amount of Rs. 58.00 crores has been given as loan to 57548 SHG members. An amount of Rs. 45.35 crores has been repaid by the SHG members. An amount of Rs. 1.24 crores has been given by MDA to 1596 SHGs as Matching Grant and Rs. 1.16 crores to 2305 SHG as Group Development Fund. The women who by their activities produce many household like Changeri, Moodha, hand fans, purses, money bages, table clothes, T.V. Cover etc. and also produce commodities like articles prices, flour, suji, papad , Badi etc. which has made them self-reliant and courageous to fight the social evils and atrocities and enjoy good life by using modern amenities and participating in their cultural activities.

H.E. the Governor of Haryana and Chairman, Mewat Development Board has also appreciated the efforts of MDA made under Self Help Group program and released an amount of Rs. 36.00 lacs out of his discretionary grant for further strengthening of SHGs. Accordingly, the MDA formed 36 new Self Help Groups of poor women. Each group has been provided with a grant of Rs 1.00 lac for purchase of buffaloes/Cows to earn their livelihood and it is fetching very good result and making these women self-reliant.

MDA is running community & women empowerment programme through Mewat Level SHG Federation and six Block Level SHG Federation. MDA has kept a provision of Rs. 57.18 lacs under Community Development during 2009-10 in its Annual Work Plan & Budget for salary, contingency of seven SHG Federations and exposure visits of Self help Groups. A provision of Rs. 80.00 lacs has been kept under Community Development during 2010-11.

Industrial, Vocational and Off-Farm Training
Apparel Training & Design Centre (ATDC), Gurgaon
ATDC, Gurgaon started its training centre at Kherla, Nuh in 2006 with the financial help of MDA. 318 persons have been trained in Sewing Machine Operating and Garment Making Courses. All trained persons are gainfully employed in different Garment Industries. 88 persons (31 male-57 female) have been trained for the same courses during the year 2009-10. Meo candidates are not charged any fee for these courses. 50% of the total fee is borne by MDA and 50% by the ATDC. 
Tailoring Training at Kherla Nuh and Apparel Design & Tailoring Production Centre at Rozka Meo

The MDA has started Apparel Training & Design Centre at Rozka Meo and Kherla, Nuh with the collaboration of SEUNE Cottonlife, Gurgaon. The SEUNE, Gurgaon has imparted training to 57 women of Mewat area at Kherla Apparel Training & Design Centre. 50 poor women of Mewat area have been provided employment at the Production Centre, Rozka Meo and they are earning their livelihood. Keeping in view the success of this program, MDA has expanded the program in other part of the Mewat like Nai Nangla, Khanpur Ghati and Ghagas. 90 women (30 at each Centre) have been trained in Stitching & Tailoring at village Nai Nangla, Ghagas and Khanpur Ghati during the year 2009-10.

Indian Institute of Job Oriented Training (IIJT) Gurgaon

34 students have been trained in Complete Business Accounts at IIJT, Gurgaon during 2009-10. The total course fee was Rs. 28,000/- per student which was borne by MDA.  All students will be provided jobs/placement by IIJT, Gurgaon.

General Nursing and Midwifery Diploma in Nursing Training for Meo girls at SHIFFA, Bangalore.

The MDA has sent 26 girls for 42 months course in General Nursing and Midwifery to SHIFFA Nursing School, Bangalore during 2009-10. After successful completion of the course, they will be able to get employment in different Hospitals or Nursing Home etc. of repute/Govt. Departments. Some more girls are being identified for the same course for the next year. The total fee of the course is Rs. 39,000/-. Out of which, 75% fee borne by MDA and 25% by students.

Muslim Educational Social & Cultural Organization (MESCO), Hyderabad.

16 girls and 47 boys are getting training in different para medical courses (ANM, X-ray, Lab Technician, Physiotherapy) at MESCO, Hyderabad with the financial assistance of MDA. The candidates are charged 25% of the total fee and rest 75% is paid by MDA. The total fee of the course is Rs. 80,000/- for two years course.   

Leather Garments/Goods Training

A training programe on production of leather goods/articles was conducted at Mandkola through SHG Federation, Jagriti Mahila Vikas Samiti, Hathin. In this training, 20 persons were provided training on production of leather goods/articles. They are now able to earn their livelihood independently.  

Artificial Jewelry Training

MDA conducted 3 months training programme of artificial jewelry at Nuh through SHG Federation, Ekta Mahila Vikas Samiti, Nuh where 20 youth were provided training with latest skills on artificial jewelry. They are now able to earn their livelihood independently.

Institute of Hospitality Management

Institute of Hospitality Management has been set up at Nuh for the educational, socio-economic development of the people of Mewat particularly the minority community. At present, the Hospitality Management Institute offers the following courses:

Diploma in Food Production

Diploma in Food & Beverage Service

The duration of these courses is one year and six months (One year at the Institute and six months Industrial Training). After successful completion of the course, the students will find employment in Hotels, Restaurants, Tourist Resorts, Airlines, Railways etc. 22 students have been trained and deputed for 24 weeks Industrial Training in various Catering Establishments during 2008-09. 44 students have been trained in one year Diploma in Food Production and Food Beverage Services during 2009-10. More students are being motivated to join these course. This Institute will be developed as full fledged institute with recognition and affiliation to Punjab University and Department of Tourism Development/Corporations.  30 students deputed in various Hotels during 2009-10 for industrial training.

Seasons Hotel-Taoru- 04
Hotel Shanti Palace, Near IGI Airport, New Delhi- 05
Shreya Kitchen, Gurgaon-02
Red Hut Resorts Shah, Ambala- 05
Hotel Regent Continental, New Delhi-06
Essese Farms, IIT Gate, New Delhi-06
Hotel Rajhans Faridabad- 01
Hotel Radission, New delhi-01
Community Works/Assets

In order to create infrastructure in Mewat area like Community Halls, Chopals, Boundary Walls, School Rooms, C.C. Paths, Brick Paths, Interlocking paths, Toilets, Transit Hostel, development/renovation of Samsuddeen Stadium etc. The following works taken up during the year 2008-09 and 2009-10.

Construction of Transit Hostel at Nuh.
Development of Samsuddin Stadium at F.P. Jhirka.
Construction of Girls Hostel at Nagina
Renovation of development of Sahidi Park and Samark at Nuh.
Construction of Sahidi Minars in 07 villages of Mewat.

Construction of CC paths, Interlocking paths, Toilets, Water tanks, School rooms, Community Halls etc. in the villages of Mewat area.