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During the period of Mewat Area Development Project (MADP/IFAD), MDA has started a special program of empowerment of women through constituting Self Help Group. MDA is working regularly for Women Empowerment and formed 2266 Self Help Groups comprising of 27203. These Self Help Groups have contributed Rs. 16.63 crores as saving upto 31.03.2015. An amount of Rs. 75.55 crores has been given as loan to 51787 SHG members. An amount of Rs. 57.93 crores has been repaid by the SHG members. An amount of Rs. 1.24 crores has been given by MDA to 1574 SHGs as Matching Grant and Rs. 1.16 crores to 2068 SHG as Group Development Fund.  Rs. 7.31 crores has been given 2923 beneficiaries as Micro Finance from NMDFC Loan. The women who by their activities produce many household like Changeri, Moodha, hand fans, purses, money bags, table clothes, T.V. cover etc. and also produce commodities like mustard oil, flour, suji, papad, Badi etc. They have also adopted advanced technologies in the field of agriculture & horticulture providing development breed of vegetable, onion, mustard, carrot, tomato etc. These activities have made them self-reliant and courageous to fight the social evils and atrocities and enjoy good life by using modern amenities and participating in their cultural activities. MDA is running community & women empowerment programme through Mewat Level SHG Federation and six Block Level SHG Federations.

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Consolidated details of Self Help Groups under six block level federations
Financial details of Self Help Groups of Nuh Block
Financial details of Self Help Groups of Nagina Block
Financial details of Self Help Groups of Punhana Block
Financial details of Self Help Groups of Taoru Block
Financial details of Self Help Groups of Ferozepur Jhirka Block