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The Government of Haryana with an objective of promoting quality education as a key to prosperity in a distinct ethnic and socio cultural tract Mewat area made experiment to start two Bal Bhavan Schools in English Medium for small children: one at F.P. Jhirka and the other at Nuh in April 1982. The District Administration under the Chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Gurgaon perceived the dreams growing true. Hence, Mewat Model Schools Society was registered in Dec. 1984 under Societies Registration Act 1860 (No. 513 of 984-85). In order to regularize these formal Co-Educational English Medium Schools w.e.f. the ensuing session in 1985-86, these two English Medium Schools at Nuh and F.P. Jhirka were got affiliated to the CBSE, Delhi in 1986. The first batch of class Xth students of these Schools appeared in the CBSE Board exam, in 1988. Observing satisfactory outcome of the two Schools and owing to the demand of the Area, the Mewat Model Schools Society started four more Mewat Model Schools- one in each block of the Mewat area.

MDA has proposed Rs. 1850.00 lacs under Education Component in its Annual Work Plan & Budget 2016-17 to meet the deficit of the salary and other expanses of these schools, Girls Hostel, Nuh, Mewat Model Public School, Madhi (Nagina), Mewat Model Girls School, Khanpur Ghati (Pinangwan) and Institute of Hospitality Management, Nuh.

The Mewat Model Schools Society running eight Model Schools in Mewat area.
Mewat Model School, Nuh Senior Secondary
Mewat Model School, Ferozepur Jhirka Senior Secondary
Mewat Model School, Taoru Senior Secondary
Mewat Model School, Punhana Senior Secondary
Mewat Model School, Nagina Senior Secondary
Mewat Model School, Hathin Senior Secondary
Mewat Model Public School, Madhi (Nagina) Secondary
Mewat Model Girls School, Khanpur Ghati (Pinangwan) Secondary
Board of Governors
Commissioner, Gurgaon Division, Gurgaon Chairman
Chief Executive Officer, MDA Vice Chairman
Deputy Commissioner, Palwal and Mewat Member
Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Mewat Member
Member of Parliament Gurgaon/Faridabad Member
MLA Nuh, F.P. Jhirka, Sohna, Hathin and Punhana Member
SDO (Civil), Nuh, Hathin and F.P. Jhirka Member
Superintending Engineer Public Health Palwal Member
Superintending Engineer DHBVN, Gurgaon Member
Chairman, Zila Parishad, Mewat Member

Smt. Mohammedi Member Zila Parishad

Civil Surgeon, Mewat-Mandikhera Member
District Education Officer, Mewat Member
District Elementary Education Officer, Mewat Member
District Development and Panchayat Officer, Mewat Member
Executive Engineer PWD (B&R), Nuh Member
Executive Engineer Panchayati Raj, Nuh Member
Project Officer, MDA, Nuh Member
One member to be nominated by the Chairman on his own decision. Member
Two parents from each school  Member

Name and Contact Numbers of Principals

Mewat Model School, Nuh Sh.Somveer Singh Rana (01267-271230)
Mewat Model School, Hathin Smt. Kanta Rani (01275-208380)
Mewat Model School, Punhana (01268-201205)
Mewat Model School, F.P. Jhirka Sh. Yogendra Singh (01268-277270)
Mewat Model School, Nagina Dr. C.M. Jha (01268-273650)
Mewat Model School, Taoru (01267-201718)
Mewat Model Public School, Madhi (Nagina) (01268-273650)
Mewat Model Girls School, Khanpur Ghati Smt. Nirmal Jain
Student Strength of Mewat Model Schools  
S.N. Name of School Meo  



Staff General


    Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls
1 Mewat Model School, Nuh 776 636 107 87 26 24 89 144 998 891
2. Mewat Model School, Taoru 340 181 122 84 4 4 213 281 679 550
3. Mewat Model School, F.P. Jhirka 354 212 52 17 20 7 275 240 701 476
4. Mewat Model School, Nagina 497 250 61 40 21 13 88 92 667 395
5. Mewat Model School, Punhana 544 316 30 21 12 4 10 12 596 353
6. Mewat Model School, Hathin 310 209 61 23 12 0 138 191 521 423
7. Mewat Model Public School Nagina 169 0 2 0 0 0 3 0 174 0
8. Mewat Model Girls School Khanpur Ghati 0 112 0 20 0 0 0 0 0 132
  Total 2990 1916 435 292 95 52 816 960 4336 3220
Girls Hostel, Nuh

Mewat Development Agency is running a Girls Hostel in the premises of Mewat Model School, Nuh for upliftment of girls in Mewat. The hostel has 48 rooms accordingly 192 girls-01 room with four girls accommodation, covering an area of 29,000 sg.ft., each room has been furnished with bed, mattress, bed sheet, study table, study chair and almirah for each girl student. The hostel has been provided the facilities of eight toilet blocks, one library, one common room, one dispensary, one store room well equipped and spacious dinning room with proper kitchen facility (kitchen wares, dining table & chairs etc.), two room for hostel wardens.  The hostel has been provided with the facility of one refrigerator, three water coolers and television etc. In addition to the facilities, as above, extra coaching in Math, English and Science subjects has also been provided to the girls in the hostel  premises by appointing additional teachers. Each girl student has also been provided free meals, boarding and lodging facility. This project has been started to promote girl education in Mewat.

Mewat Model Public School, Madhi (Nagina)

This is a fully residential school with coaching facilities in hostel established during 2009-10. It is setup to provide quality education with emphasis on Science, Maths and English. It will help the students to enter into Professional/Technical and Colleges of repute.