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Integrated Waste Land Development Project (IWDP)

Share Basis (11:1)

Under the scheme of Integrated Waste Land Development Programme of Ministry of Rural Development Department, Department of Land Resources, Govt. of India sanctioned a five years Project worth Rs. 4.92 crores commencing from 2001-02.  The main objectives of the Project are;

  • Reclamation of the wasteland, salt affected and degraded soils and improve its fertility and make preventive strategy/physical structure to check further soil-moisture degradation in the project area with the aim of conservation of soil and moisture.

  • To promote farm forestry by educating the farmers, providing necessary infrastructure quality saplings and important guidelines.

  • To increase the productivity of the agricultural and fertility through sustainable management of natural resources.

  • To improve socio-economic conditions of rural people by taking up activities to generate employment opportunities, community assets, sanitation, health and nutrition and environmental improvement which will ultimately increase the income of the poor and promote saving.

  • Involvement of people in formulation of village level development plan (micro plan) of resource management, decision making and implementation of the micro plan.

  • Active involvement of women in formulation of the micro-plan, decision making and implementation of the project.

Total No. of villages Covered under the Project 14 Villages
Total Watershed area under the Project 8200 Hectares
The cost of Project as per scheme sanctioned by Govt. of India is 8200 Hectares @ Rs. 6000/- per hectare Rs. 492.00 lacs
Central Share @ Rs. 5500/- per hectare for 8200 hectares Rs. 451.00 lacs
State Share @ Rs. 500/- per hectare for 8200 hectares Rs. 41.00 lacs
Total fund received Rs. 484.93 lacs
Fund received from Govt. of  India Rs. 444.08 lacs
Fund received from Govt. of  Haryana Rs. 40.85 lacs
Total fund released to PIA : Divisional Forest Officer, Mewat- (Rs. 459.97 lacs) and S.M. Sehgal Foundation, Gurgaon (Rs. 26.61 lacs) Rs. 486.58 lacs
Total Expenditure Rs. 439.60 lacs
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Physical and Financial Progress Report of IWDP Village-wise